I Am Chisomo 2018

I Am Chisomo 2018

Behind the statistics presented on HIV, Malaria, and poverty

Beyond the images you seen in the media

There are real people.

People just like you.

People just like me.

I am Chisomo.


The impact my story has had on the people it has touched is far too underrated.

Far, far too underrated.

No one that has experienced me, from by beauty to my grievances, has been left unchanged.

You will be no different. 

And I will show you something rarely shown and rarely seen. 

I will show you not only how I survive, but flourish in some of the toughest places on earth.

Yes, the joy you see on my face is not artificial.

It is not forced.

It is not painted.

I confess, it is happiness.

And this happiness is not something you can buy.

I know that as I speak to you, you have probably already tried to buy happiness, to buy relationships, to buy fulfillment.  But, if they are to be authentic, these are things that cannot be bought.

And they are rarely a destination.

Often, they are what is experienced along the way, as you journey through life.

And not just some people’s lives. Not just passionate people’s lives, but by people who balance passion with a journey.

People like you.

People like me.

Let’s journey together.


Our relationship will be passionate. In fact, it’s almost guarenteed to begin that way.

We will see ourselves in one another. We will be alight with a connectedness.

But, as you know, as you have experienced, passion comes and goes.

So, for a real journey, we will have to do one better.

We will have to enter into relationship, into really knowing one another, into commitments.

Commitment to one another and commitment to see the journey through.

That kind of journey is one I believe will change us both.

It will change how we look at people. How you look at me and I look at you. How we look at the people close to us. Even how we look at ourselves.

Is that the kind of journey you desire?

One of both passion and commitment?

That is what I am inviting you on. A journey of relationship and experience. The kind of journey that goes on outside of you and inside of you.

I believe that kind of journey is the type that allows you to really experience happiness, to really exprience fulfillment.


There are a few ways we can begin our journey together. They are all impacting and practical and I appreciate the heart and action behind all of the types of journeys we will share with one another.

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