I Am Chisomo 2018

I Am Chisomo 2018

Behind the statistics presented on HIV, Malaria, and poverty

Beyond the images you seen in the media

There are real people.

People just like you.

People just like me.

I am Chisomo.


The impact my story has had on the people it has touched is far too underrated.

Far, far too underrated.

No one that has experienced me, from by beauty to my grievances, has been left unchanged.

You will be no different. 

And I will show you something rarely shown and rarely seen. 

I will show you not only how I survive, but flourish in some of the toughest places on earth.

Yes, the joy you see on my face is not artificial.

It is not forced.

It is not painted.

I confess, it is happiness.

And this happiness is not something you can buy.

I know that as I speak to you, you have probably already tried to buy happiness, to buy relationships, to buy fulfillment.  But, if they are to be authentic, these are things that cannot be bought.

And they are rarely a destination.

Often, they are what is experienced along the way, as you journey through life.

And not just some people’s lives. Not just passionate people’s lives, but by people who balance passion with a journey.

People like you.

People like me.

Let’s journey together.


Our relationship will be passionate. In fact, it’s almost guarenteed to begin that way.

We will see ourselves in one another. We will be alight with a connectedness.

But, as you know, as you have experienced, passion comes and goes.

So, for a real journey, we will have to do one better.

We will have to enter into relationship, into really knowing one another, into commitments.

Commitment to one another and commitment to see the journey through.

That kind of journey is one I believe will change us both.

It will change how we look at people. How you look at me and I look at you. How we look at the people close to us. Even how we look at ourselves.

Is that the kind of journey you desire?

One of both passion and commitment?

That is what I am inviting you on. A journey of relationship and experience. The kind of journey that goes on outside of you and inside of you.

I believe that kind of journey is the type that allows you to really experience happiness, to really exprience fulfillment.


There are a few ways we can begin our journey together. They are all impacting and practical and I appreciate the heart and action behind all of the types of journeys we will share with one another.

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Scholar-Athlete Initiative Update

Noel provides an update on our  scholar-athlete initiative and explains the opportunity it provides to for us to inspire and develop young people both academically and athletically. He also gives an update on Humphrey Mahowa and Benjamin Tembo, two young men that have received scholarships at an American college through our efforts. To support our work go to chisomoidea.com/give

Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Dear friends and family,

As some of you may already know, the country of Malawi is experiencing one of the worst disasters in its history. Over a third of the country has experienced heavy rains and such furious winds leading to an overwhelming flood. It is reported that so far 176 people have died and at least 200,000 are displaced. You can follow the story here.

Our ministry center in Thyolo has been affected by the Flood so our team has decided to focus our leaders in that village to relief work. Below is how you can participate in their work:
1. Donate Items
-You can bring clothes, drinking water, food, detergents, and medicine to the Chisomo Idea office in Area 3, Lilongwe. Our office is located along Livingstonia Avenue right before the Bishop Mackenzie main gate behind the Musicha residence.
2. Give Financially
-If you are in Malawi, make checks payable to The Chisomo Idea and put Disaster Relief in the memo and bring the check to the office above
-If you are overseas, you can give on the Chisomo Idea website here or make checks payable to The Chisomo Idea and put “Disaster Relief “in the memo. Mail checks to 8838 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego , CA 92123, USA.

All donations collected will go directly to the people affected by the flood under our strict supervision.


Chisomo Idea Team

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Isaac Ortiz! Winner of the1970 Brazil #10 Pele Signed Jersey!

Additional prize winners are:

  • Gene Smithburg
  • Phyllis & Jack Holmlund
  • Nianoah
  • Keola Pang
  • Linnet Edasi
  • Prolisko Igor
  • Josh Cordero
  • Chris Cline
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Scott Dreher
  • Scott Dreher
  • Marsela Jakupi
  • Irma Lee
  • Henry Duke

*(winners above will be contacted by Chisomo Idea)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle and donated to Chisomo Idea through it.


Visit the Chisomo Idea merchandise table at Flood’s Christmas Collective on Sunday, Dec. 7th to enter our raffle! All proceeds from the raffle will go to kids programs in Malawi, Africa.

Pele Jersey
First Place Price: 1970 Brazil #10 Jersey signed by 3X World Cup Winner Pele


Stocking CapScarf Cup

Other prizes includes Chisomo Idea T-Shirts and US Soccer Gear!

Humphrey’s First Update From The US

Humphrey Mahowa, originally from Chisapo, Malawi, has received a full athletic scholarship to play soccer at Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. Interviewing Humphrey is Jack Holmund, who first met Humphrey in Malawi and alerted coaches at Master’s college of Humphrey’s talent. Jack really helped get the process moving forward to get Humphrey the opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship and pursue continued education at the collegiate level. For that, Humphrey and the entire Chisomo Idea team are incredibly grateful. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Humphrey, as the season and school year progress.



#NO2CLASSISEM – A Deeper Look

In this incredibly intimate video shot and edited by Taylor Miller,  Noel takes a deeper look at what it means to say “No to classism “. Even when people are provided a means and understanding to help themselves out of poverty, there is still a barrier to contend with, a flaw in the system that cannot go unaddressed. That flaw involves all of us. That flaw is classism or class discrimination. Success is not a zero-sum game, there is room for all of humanity to thrive. But, we must speak up if there is to be change. We must believe, communicate, and live out a different way of life that is not only possible, but necessary. Will you speak up? #NOTOCLASSISEM



/Koo-moo-dzee/ meaning:  A traditional village where one comes from.  This is a Chichewa word for an African concept that might only make sense in an African context.

Kumudzi kwanu is a creative program built to inspire and encourage a generation of young Malawians to fight poverty in their local villages.  The program is built around the concept of asset-based community development where local resources and infrastructures are foundational to progress.

+Young men and women from the city inspire their family members to take on the challenge of addressing issues that affect their village communities.

+The initiative focuses on a range of programs including but not limited to mentoring, sports development, small businesses, health education, leadership development, civic education or gender equality.

+The initiative starts and operates for 6 months then Chisomo Idea provides seed money in the form of a grant to help propel the ripples created.  No money exchanges hands until villagers have made progress on their own initiative.

+The Chisomo Idea team evaluates the effectiveness of programs bi-annually and works with the program leader to make any improvements necessary.

+Project leaders get together on a quarterly basis to address challenges and share best practices.

+The effectiveness of the program is based on qualitative and quantitative goals set by village leaders together with the Chisomo team.

For more info:  Cosmas Phiri, cosphiri@yahoo.com