Representing the country of Malawi, Brave Lifa, one of our Chisomo Idea volunteers and mentors from African Bible College is swimming in the Olympics!

I am just privileged to say that I was part of the 11,000 athletes in the whole world. Just thankful to everyone who rooted out for me, each and every one of you had a part in the motivation that I got during my race! I can call myself an Olympian! A dream that turned into reality. There are so many elite swimmers, legend swimmers that I looked up to when I wanted to go far with swimming. Now that I am here, I pass them here at the Olympics almost everyday and it’s an honor. The past two weeks that I have been here, I have seen and experienced the amount of intensity that the competition pool and the training pool have. It’s an atmosphere that would give you a adrenaline rush and be scared at the same time. Despite all that, I have become Brave. Trained in the same pool with those elite swimmers everyday and overcame my fears.” –Brave Lifa

As Brave started school at African Bible College he was introduced with an opportunity to serve with Chisomo Idea and mentor young kids in the township of Chinsapo. He always had a passion to work with kids that struggled in school. Chisomo Idea aligned an opportunity for Brave to invest in kids fueled by the compassion God gave him. Brave finds joy developing relationships with the kids; teaching them where he can and guiding them through life by sharing the gospel of God’s love. The livelihood, activity, and response of joy from the kids in Chinsapo keeps Brave coming back to serve and create opportunity for others with his voice and platform of influence. He believes Chisomo really opens greater doors for the kids. Brave’s mom always told him to persevere in the things that brought him joy even though it takes much time. Therefore, Brave continues to bring inspiration for the kids to persevere in life from the strength of God.

Congratulations BRAVE. We are thankful for your bravery at the Olympics and it inspires our community of Chisomo Idea family!


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