SPONSOR a Child, Family, Scholar Athlete, Single Mother, or Staff  Member

What is Chisomo Connect and what makes it unique?

Chisomo Connect is unique because it is all about creating a community of people around an individual or a family.  We truly have a desire for you to be able to be in a relationship, for you to be able to “connect” on a regular basis with the person you sponsor.  To this end, we are committed through the development of this program to be continually adding new ways that you can connect with those that you sponsor.

What specific benefits will the person or family I sponsor receive?

Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and the person or family you sponsor  will receive the benefits of the programs that Chisomo Idea facilitates in their community through your contribution. Every person in our program is assigned 10 sponsors.  We do this to not only meet needs, but to also create sense of community around each individual.  We believe that “community” is of high value in the development of every individual.

Does my full donation go directly to my sponsored individual or family?

Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and your individual or family will receive the benefits of the Chisomo programs through your contributions. It is our desire to meet the needs of those in our care.  We do this to not only protect those whom we serve in Malawi, but also you our valued partner.  If you need to stop your sponsorship, the person or persons you sponsor will not be automatically removed from the program because the funds are not earmarked person to person.

How long should my sponsorship  last?                                                                

You may sponsor your individual or family as long as they are residing in one of the communities in which Chisomo Idea is facilitating programs. If your individual leaves the community or is no longer in need of sponsorship, we will send you correspondence of those life changes within 30 days and will give you the option to choose another person to sponsor.

How important is prayer in Chisomo Idea sponsorship?

Very—we not only desire your financial support; we highly value your prayer support as well. Those you sponsor will also be encouraged to be praying for you.

How important is it that I maintain a relationship with the person or family I sponsor?

We value relationship at a critical level.  The Chisomo Connect program is built around the belief that relationships are a core need of every human being.  As an organization, we are committed to continually creating opportunities for you to be in true relationship with those you sponsor.  It is our sincere hope that you will take full advantage of those opportunities as they present themselves.

Can I visit the person or family I sponsor

Yes! Visiting can be an exciting and encouraging experience for both you and the person you sponsor. We greatly encourage it. For more information on joining or creating a team, visit our website at chisomoidea.com or contact us at teams@chisomoidea.com

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