Chisomo Idea was co-founded by a Malawian & American in 2007 during the uniting of two families through marriage. Noel and Melissa Musicha met at San Diego Christian College in 2003 and during their college soccer Europe tour hosting kids camps they were united by a shared a vision that was planted in both of their hearts from God.

In 2007, The Chisomo Idea grassroots movement was unleashed during the celebration week of Melissa & Noel’s multi-cultural family wedding in Malawi. They extended their flight after discerning the need to visit Noel’s family roots from Kwanjana village area in Thyolo. They both could not leave Malawi without getting involved with those who had made an impressionable impact on their lives through hospitality. Inspired out of a desire to use their life stories to make an impact combined with their encounter of those in the Warm heart of Africa, a mutual partnership began. The idea was to collectively use resources: talents, gifts, and passions to make a difference within impoverished communities and create opportunities as an expression of God’s grace. Chisomo Idea is a reflection of God’s Story of grace; fueled by grace. We love the idea that different cultures have different currencies of value; that we need each other. We are made to flourish as the story of God draws us in to define and re-define our dreams in serving others. Our desire is to tangibly express the Kingdom of God by carrying one another’s burdens in love.

Chisomo Idea started with family, family co-founded, and both international extended families launched the foundational building and story of Chisomo Idea. Over in Malawi, Chisomo Idea took off the ground as an African run grass roots movement. Run by inspired Malawians who wanted to make a difference in their communities. George Phiri and Maya Musicha have been the foundational leaders of Chisomo Idea in Malawi for several years as Noel & Melissa live in San Diego connecting Chisomo across seas. Noel had a dream to use his opportunity of school in the US not for self gain but as a platform to be a voice and create for those who don’t have opportunity or access to what is needed for their families. He never forgot about those who had very little when he was growing up; those he came in contact with everyday. He wanted to inspire individuals to know that their life matters and that our influence can be used for a purpose. He wanted to inspire creative thinking that removes the barriers which keep people from flourishing. He dreamed of highlighting and unleashing the beauty that already exist in Africa.

-Noel & Melissa Musicha