Living In The Tension Between Sports And Academics

Can you imagine a scenario where you would say to your child “no, you cannot play on your sports team, because it will limit your ability to pursue academics”? In Malawi, this happens all too often. To see how Chisomo Idea is using sports to help communities flourish, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Girls: The Heartbeat of Community

Often times very little value can be placed on the transformative work of investing in young girls in under-resourced communities around the world. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about how we have made it part of our life’s work to make sure that the voices of the girls in the communities that we work in are both heard and respected through Chisomo Idea!

When A Mentor Becomes A Mentee

Has your life been changed by a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a pastor, a counselor, or friend? How different would you have turned out without them? At Chisomo Idea, we believe in the power of such relationships. We believe that these life on life encounters have the power to alter the course of one’s destiny forever. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about one of those powerful encounters.

Peace Within Poverty

Those who travel to the warm heart of Africa collectively witness a unique joyful presence within those living in material poverty. There is a joy seen through the smiles of children and a contentment seen through the Malawian people who have little by the world’s standards. This is a beautiful reminder of what God wants to teach us about being content in all situations. But this also gives us a chance to look at where true peace really comes from. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about experiencing peace within poverty.

From Malawi With Love, Testimonies From Our America Friends

Five Americans traveled to Malawi on a vision trip this past April to observe Chisomo Idea through a cultural immersion experience. Those who travel to Malawi get to meet the faces behind the movement serving and sacrificing. Faces only seen in pictures. One of those faces is George Phiri. George is the Country Director of Chisomo Idea in Malawi. McLain Harvey, who was on the recent vision trip, was impacted by his observation and interaction with George. CLICK HERE TO READ what McLain said.

Transformed By Vision: A Chisomo Testimonial By Jane Owen, Ph.D.

I have served as a volunteer for Chisomo Idea for four years, and in March, I had the opportunity to travel to Malawi with a small group of Americans for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with the people and the culture. While I was looking forward to visiting a part of the world I had not seen, I did not realize that it would be a powerful, life-changing experience. Two observations stood out to me as being of the highest importance: (1) the resilience of the Malawian people and (2) the effectiveness of Chisomo Idea and the vision that is becoming a reality, step by step, every day. CLICK HERE TO READ more about Jane’s experience in Malawi.

Brave In The Olympics – Chisomo Idea Volunteer Swimming At Rio 

Representing the country of Malawi, Brave Lifa, one of our Chisomo Idea volunteers and mentors from African Bible College is swimming in the Olympics! Congratulations BRAVE. We are thankful for your bravery at the Olympics and it inspires our community of Chisomo Idea family!  CLICK HERE TO READ more about Brave and his experience at the Olympics.

Rising from Pain to Perseverance – A Story of Family Tragedy, Trial, and Transformation

“I don’t know who my father is but what I know is that my late mum gave birth to me when her late husband (Step father) was in prison and when he was released he found my mother pregnant with me, he collapsed and that was the end of his life. My mother later died when I was just 3 years old and no one knows the identity of my real father.” CLICK HERE TO READ about how Patience Nvula’s life began to change when she became involved in Chisomo Idea’s programs.

Transitioning From Mentee To Mentor

Justice Khumbo Nyengero is a 20-year old young man raised in the Chinsapo community. He has been apart of our Chisomo Idea family for the past 3 years and has participated in almost all of the programs. Most importantly for Justice, he has thrived in our Street School program. CLICK HERE TO READ about how Justice is now giving back to the young brothers and sisters in his community.

…Red Dirt

Throughout history, the dominant narrative of development has been highly dependent on a donor + recipient relationship, and why this has always been this way is another narrative on its own. Chisomo idea wanted more, a way that, liberated and rehumanized people in the process. So, before our partnership with the community of Chinsapo, we observed and learned and heard the people of Chinsapo tell their own story, raw and unfiltered. CLICK HERE TO READ more about our observations in the Chinsapo community.