/Koo-moo-dzee/ meaning:  A traditional village where one comes from.  This is a Chichewa word for an African concept that might only make sense in an African context.

Kumudzi kwanu is a creative program built to inspire and encourage a generation of young Malawians to fight poverty in their local villages.  The program is built around the concept of asset-based community development where local resources and infrastructures are foundational to progress.

+Young men and women from the city inspire their family members to take on the challenge of addressing issues that affect their village communities.

+The initiative focuses on a range of programs including but not limited to mentoring, sports development, small businesses, health education, leadership development, civic education or gender equality.

+The initiative starts and operates for 6 months then Chisomo Idea provides seed money in the form of a grant to help propel the ripples created.  No money exchanges hands until villagers have made progress on their own initiative.

+The Chisomo Idea team evaluates the effectiveness of programs bi-annually and works with the program leader to make any improvements necessary.

+Project leaders get together on a quarterly basis to address challenges and share best practices.

+The effectiveness of the program is based on qualitative and quantitative goals set by village leaders together with the Chisomo team.

For more info:  Cosmas Phiri, cosphiri@yahoo.com