Photo Above: Sellah standing with Justice Nyengero

Justice Khumbo Nyengero is a 20-year old young man raised in the Chinsapo community. He has been apart of our Chisomo Idea family for the past 3 years and has participated in almost all of the programs. Most importantly for Justice, he has thrived in our Street School program.

Like everyone’s dream in Malawi, Justice always wanted to pass his Form 4 testing (High School) with good points in order to study at The University of Malawi. He gained access to school books by borrowing them from Chisomo Idea. He attained extra tutoring lessons at Street School every Saturday which helped his grades improve. Most of all, his relationship with God was uplifted through the weekly outreach at the Chisomo Idea Sports & Community Development Academy. Within the candidates at Street School that studied for the MSCE high school test, Justice started out having one of the lowest points during tutoring and now has passed his Form 4 final test with 17 points and very strong credits in science subjects.

The beauty of it all is that this young man decided to return the favor to his young brothers and sisters in his community. He has volunteered every Saturday with the Street School team teaching Form 4’s maths, physics, and chemistry. He was also offered a job at a private primary school in Chinsapo, where he now teaches during week days. He is becoming a great mentor to his fellow youth, because they have witnessed hope. If one of their own former Street School students and friend from the soccer field is now teaching them, they can also do it!

Currently he has applied at The University of Malawi and other private universities to enroll in the 2017/18 intake. We hope the best for Justice as he continues to pursue his dreams, inspire hope, and serve his home community of Chinsapo.

Story Shared by Sellah Singini  – Chisomo Malawi Staff & Mentor. 

Thank you for taking the time to care for friends around the world!

– Chisomo Idea Family


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