Chisomo Idea is about nurturing individuals for community flourishing. We not only have a passion for individuals and communities in Africa to recognize, realize and be able to implement their gifts, but also for the world to take notice of the amazing things Africans have to offer.  So we attack this endeavor with two complementary strategies.  First we focus on holistic individual development. So, everything it took for you or I to be who we are today, we seek to provide those opportunities to individuals living in materially impoverished, at-risk communities across Africa.  So think physical needs like food, water, shelter and medical; intellectual needs like educational opportunities and skills training; Spiritual needs like face to face mentoring and small groups; and finally social needs like athletic clubs and small business development.  Our secondary, yet complimentary strategy is to come alongside the leaders of those same “at-risk” communities and assist them in developing the opportunities within their community for individuals to flourish.  Again, focusing on intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. We believe when these two paths cross; individuals who believe they can serve and have been trained to serve with a community that has opportunities for them to serve, we will see communities truly flourish and the world’s perception of Africa transform.

Individual Flourishing

We seek to nurture the gifts of individuals to allow them to reach their God-given potential. We do this by addressing individuals needs in a comprehensive manner. (Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual & Social)

  • Intellectual (Tutoring, Mentoring, Schools, Skills Training, Leadership Training)
  • Physical (Medical)
  • Spiritual (Mentoring)
  • Social (Micro-finance Program)

Community Flourishing

We partner with community leaders to help them assess their communities current assets, improve those assets and then implement a plan for future development of their communities. We do this for the purpose of creating an infrastructure that will allow its individuals to utilize their realized potential.

  • Intellectual (building schools, creating vocational opportunities)
  • Physical (mobile medical clinics)
  • Spiritual (leadership development & partnership with Religious leaders)
  • Social (athletic clubs like soccer and netball)