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Our Vision


To be THE model for community flourishing in Africa.

Our Mission


We connect the global family in practices of faith, human development, and activism within Africa’s most at-risk communities.

Our Principles


We believe that the world has a lot to learn from the materially poor.

We believe that genuine friendships are essential to flourishing communities

We believe that poverty has to be addressed at an individual, community, and global level.

Our Core Values




We believe that the family structure is critical to community. Because of this, we have designed a culture that promotes reconciliation and preservation of that structure.




We approach our work with the knowledge that we don’t know everything. Because of this, we are quick to listen and allow merit to other people’s opinions, especially those whose voices are often marginalized.




We see suffering as a welcome part of human development so that in building flourishing communities we are not trying to create a world without pain. We believe that humans can flourish in spite of it.




We believe that human beings were created in the image of God to create. Because of this, we encourage our communities towards creative problem solving by first looking at what they have and not their deficiencies.




We believe in personal, sacrificial and interruptive generosity. Because of this, we promote gatherings in homes and porches instead of hotels and hotel lobbies as we tackle the problem of poverty.




We believe that in order for our movement to have a lasting impact it must be reproducible. Because of this, we have intentionally created a simple, sustainable model that is able to be imitated.